The Bedrock Consortium is a Linux Foundation project that supports the operation of the Bedrock Business Utility (the “Utility” or "BBU"), an independent self-governed and self-sustainable public identity utility.


The members of the Bedrock Consortium represent a collection of international private sector companies and other organizations that operate and manage the Utility. The Bedrock Consortium, a directed fund of the Linux Foundation (“LF”), serves the purpose of raising, budgeting and spending funds in support of the Utility and the Bedrock Technical Project , which is tasked with the mission of supporting the technical needs of the Utility.

LF Governance Networks, Inc., a Delaware non-profit corporation, supports the Utility by executing the various agreements relating to the management of, or transacting with, the Utility.

The BBU is intended to serve organizations that desire to participate in digital trust ecosystems and require an enterprise grade governance framework that will:

  • Enforce permissioned-writes with contractual instruments that will conform to privacy regulations such as GDPR
  • Maintain financial sustainability of the consortium without the use of cryptographic tokens
  • Establish a governing board so that no single organization owns the Public Identity Utility
  • Require adherence to specified open standards and protocols

To meet these requirements, the BBU operates pursuant to its own governance framework. Consortium members pay annual membership fees and provide supporting infrastructure to maintain a sustainable permissioned identity utility that is structured as an enterprise safe-space and purpose built for trusted commerce. The consortium leverages an independent Utility Service Provider as a fee-based administrator for the delivery of a DID Ledger associated with a unique DID Root Namespace, did:bbu.

This document serves as the constitution for the BBU and represents the official BBU Governance Framework (BBU-GF).

The governing body responsible for the BBU-GF is the Governing Board.