Trusted Network Polices

Ecosystem of Trust

This is a Controlled Document of the Bedrock Governance Framework was approved by the Bedrock Consortium Board of Directors.

Document Name Trusted Network Policies
Version v0.9
Approval Date
Status Pre-Launch Phase: Governance Framework Development
Governs General Trust Policies
Governed By Bedrock Governance Framework Work Group

Network Trust Perspective

The Bedrock Consortium strives to establish and position ledgers, such as the Bedrock Business Utility, to be reliable and trusted ledgers for businesses seeking to perform decentralized identifier verification tasks. However, each entity operating in the roles of issuer or verifier MUST arrive at their own independent determination of a trusted identity network.

General Trust Policies

The Governing Board for the Bedrock Consortium WILL work with the ToIP Ecosystem Foundry Working Group to help position the Bedrock Business Utility as a trusted utility for use by ecosystem projects.