The concepts outlined herein provide an informational synopsis for the use of the Utility and participation in the Directed Fund. The executable BBU Participation Agreement (the "Participation Agreement"), specifically Exhibit C, supersedes this content.


Unless specified otherwise, all fees are in USA Dollars.

Membership Rates

The membership levels and associated fees are listed below.

Membership Class Annual Membership Fees Node Hosting Requirement Write Transaction Entitlements
Governing Member TBD 1 Unlimited
Operational Member TBD 1 Unlimited
Subscriber TBD 0 50

Subscription Packages

Subscriber membership comes with a preset level of transaction entitlements per annual membership. Additional transactions can be acquired per annum according to the following table. While a Subscriber may purchase an unlimited number of entitlement packages, all unused transactions expire at years end without rollover./

Transaction Entitlements Package Cost
50 TBD



Members, excluding Associates, must be members of the Linux Foundation to qualify as a member of the BBU. Refer to the legal and fee requirements outlined in the Participation Agreement. For instructions on how to becomes a member, please refer to getting started.

Note: See Issue 10 regarding Join v. Contact Us.

Subscription Plans

Please visit the BBU Subscription Procurement website.


Non-members who desire to submit transactions to the Utility will need to contract directly with members who are providing Transaction Endorser services. The BBU has no authority over the fee schedules associated with the services of Transaction Endorsers. Each Transaction Endorser can use and / or sell their transaction entitlements as they deem appropriate.