Governing Body Policies

Governing Body Policies

This is a Controlled Document of the Bedrock Governance Framework was approved by the Bedrock Consortium Board of Directors.

Document Name Bedrock Consortium Governing Body Policies
Approval Date
Status Pre-Launch Phase: Governance Framework Development
Governs Chartering, Types and Membership, Chairpersons, Facilitators, Voting, Self-Organization, Meetings, and Meeting Pages
Governed By Bedrock Consortium Governing Board

1. Types and Membership

  1. A Bedrock Consortium Governing Body MUST be one of the following types:

    1. Committee.
    2. Working Group.
  2. All Bedrock Consortium Governing Bodies MUST:

    1. Have at least one and MAY have up to three chairpersons, either appointed by the Bedrock Consortium Governing Board or elected by their members.

    2. Have at least three members, including the chairperson(s).

    3. State any other specific membership requirements in its charter.

  3. A committee:

    1. SHOULD have a Governing Board member serving as at least one of its chairperson(s).
  4. A working group:

    1. MUST be open to participation by any member of the Bedrock Consortium.

2. Chairpersons

  1. A chairperson of a Bedrock Consortium Governing Body:

    1. MUST be a member of that Bedrock Consortium Governing Body.
    2. SHOULD NOT be a chairperson of another Bedrock Consortium Governing Body.
  2. If a Bedrock Consortium Governing Body has more than one chairperson, they MUST NOT be affiliated with the same organization.

3. Voting

  1. All Bedrock Consortium Governing Bodies SHOULD strive to reach decisions by consensus.
  2. Consensus MAY be achieved via discussion at a web-meeting or face-to-face meeting or via any online mechanism.
  3. When a formal vote is required, it MUST be conducted using a voting process agreeable to the majority of the group, or if such an agreement cannot be reached, then the Bedrock Consortium Governing Board SHALL decide upon voting process.