Ledger Data Policies

Ledger Data Policies

This is a Controlled Document of the Bedrock Governance Framework was approved by the Bedrock Consortium Board of Directors.

Document Name Bedrock Ledger Transaction Data
Version v0.9
Approval Date
Status Pre-Launch Phase: Governance Framework Development
Governs Data and metadata processed by Nodes operated by Stewards in the course of completing a Transaction with the Bedrock Business Utility.
Governed By Bedrock Technical Steering Committee


This document assumes that Member Validator Nodes ("Nodes") are all running instances of Hyperledger Indy as the distributed ledger technology (DLT) that provides the underlying infrastructure for the Bedrock Business Utility ("the Ledger").

Transaction Data

Data and metadata processed by Nodes operated by Members in the course of completing a transaction with the Ledger governed By Bedrock Consortium will conform to the following requirements:

  1. Ledger Transaction Data Definitions: Comply with the authoritative definitions for transaction data stored on the Ledger as outlined in Hyperledger Indy GitHub repository documents at the following locations:

    1. General Transaction Information
    2. Domain Ledger Transactions
      1. NYM
      2. ATTRIB
      3. SCHEMA
      4. CLAIM_DEF
    3. Pool Ledger Transactions
      1. NODE
      2. Config Ledger Transactions
      5. POOL_CONFIG
  2. Ledger Transaction Requests: The authoritative definition of requests for Transactions with the Ledger are maintained in the following Hyperledger Indy GitHub repository document:

    1. Ledger Node Requests

Anoncreds Workflow

The diagram below describes how and when data is written to the Ledger. For a detailed discussion pertaining to the processing of read and write transactions against the Ledger please refer to the Anoncreds Workflow Process.